Congratulations on committing to a great organization and a great fundraiser that changes lives. 2016 will mark our 12th Annual Make-A-Wish Colorado Kickball Tournament and we hope to raise a lifetime total of $600,000 by the end of this tournament.


KICKBALL TEAM:  Each team consists of 11-15 players (at least 5 female players). You can view the Team and Kickball rules by clicking HERE.

FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENT:  Each TEAM is required to raise a MINIMUM of $500 in order to participate in the Kickball Tournament. For a team of 15 that is less than $35/person.  We know you can do it, plus participants will enjoy:

  • Minimum of 3 games
  • Food and beverages
  • Entertainment and prizes

PRIZES AND INCENTIVES:  We appreciate and are thankful for everyone’s efforts in raising money for such a great organization but for those who go above and beyond….. Click here to learn what prizes you could win.

HOW TO REGISTER:  Every kickball players needs to REGISTER by clicking the appropriate button below.  You CANNOT register multiple people. By registering for this tournament, you are also creating a Fundraising Page so that you can help your team raise the $500 minimum/Team.  Captains, Click the blue button below to Register a Team and to add yourself to that Team.  After you have created the TEAM Page, edit it and share the TEAM URL Link with your other teammates and have them “Join the Team”.  Good Luck and Happy Fundraising!


Create a Team Search for a team to join
FREE AGENT:  Do you want to participate in the Kickball Tournament but don’t have a Team?  You can always sign up as a “free agent”, fund raise, and we will do our best to place you on a team. If you have any questions about Free Agency, please contact Kim Mahall @
                                                                               Register as an individual NOT associated with a team